What is a BlanQuil Weighted Blanket?

BlanQuil is a premium-grade, therapeutic weighted blanket that harnesses the power of Deep Touch Stimulation by gently distributing even pressure across your body. It creates an instant feeling of calm and relaxation while reducing stress and increasing serotonin. When used for sleeping, weighted blankets are also proven to reduce tossing and turning, allowing sustained periods in deeper, rejuvenating sleep cycles. Use of a BlanQuil mimics the familiar feeling of a good cuddle session, being hugged or held.

What do you use for the weight?

All BlanQuil weighted products now use eco-friendly, high-density glass micro-beads.

What is the right weight for me?

When selecting the weight of a BlanQuil, personal preference and mobility issues should always be considered first. After that, a general guideline many use is 8-15% of your body weight. If you would like help selecting the perfect weight please reach out to our experts by phone or chat. They are happy to help you with all considerations for model and weight options! 

Can I order a new cover separately?

Yes! We are happy to offer our Premium Micro-Plush Covers in all four original colors. These are the exact same duvet covers that ship with our BlanQuil Premium Weighted Blankets! Compatible with all 15, 20, or 25 lb weighted blankets in our Original Premium line and the BlanQuil Chill.

Will my entire order arrive together?

Orders of multiple products or quantities will ship independently. Inventory levels and fulfillment center locations can vary. If you only receive part of your order, don't worry - the rest will follow shortly!

Are BlanQuil weighted blankets hot?

By nature, all blankets will insulate and hold some body heat. This is great in colder months or climates, but what about when you want better sleep and the therapeutic benefits of Deep Touch Stimulation without extra heat?

BlanQuil’s got you covered! Here are our best BlanQuil tips for warm nights and warm sleepers:

  • The original BlanQuil Premium Weighted Blanket includes a removable, machine washable micro-plush duvet system. The outer cover can be removed on warmer nights allowing you to use the weighted, inner portion alone. The inner blanket is well tailored and soft to the touch but do note that unlike the duvet, it is spot clean only.
  • Perfect for spring and autumn, consider the BlanQuil Basic. Boasting a minimalist, one-piece design, the BlanQuil Basic does not include the removable duvet system and sleeps a bit cooler than the Premium version.
  • For the warmest sleepers we recommend trying the BlanQuil Chill. The BlanQuil Chill utilizes our amazing cover that is noticeably cooler to the touch than traditional fabrics. This technology is widely considered to be the most advanced available of any cooling blanket on the market.  

How long does it take to ship?

BlanQuil products ship in 3-5 business days from the date of order unless otherwise noted on an individual product page. Shipping confirmations with a tracking number will be sent to you once the item is shipped. Please note: While most orders will ship within 3-5 business days, logistics/shipment delays may occur due to carrier backlogs.

Do you ship to Canada?

We are happy to announce that we now provide FREE shipping for all orders over $99 through our Canadian site, myblanquil.ca!

Are BlanQuils machine washable?

The duvet covers on the BlanQuil Premium Weighted Blanket and BlanQuil Chill are removable, machine washable and dryer friendly. The inner weighted portion is spot clean only. 

The BlanQuil Basic can be machine washed on gentle cycle in cold water on occasion, but spot cleaning is recommended to ensure the longest life.

For cleaning information on other products please check the care label for more details.  

Is there scientific consensus that weighted blankets help with stress, anxiety or other issues?

Due to the growing popularity of weighted blankets, there are more studies being conducted and more information being released all the time. While self-reported anecdotal evidence strongly indicates great results using BlanQuil and other weighted blankets, more study is needed before definitive conclusions can be reached. We do not make any claims of medical conditions being cured with use of our products and recommend you do your own research or try it for yourself to reach your own conclusions. Here are some links to recent studies.



Can I claim my BlanQuil through my insurance?

The BlanQuil is not currently HSA / FSA reimbursable.

Is BlanQuil available in any retail stores?

Yes! We are now in many retail stores nationwide. Visit our store locator page to find a store near you. 

Where is BlanQuil made?

Our blankets are manufactured in China and ship from a number of fulfillment centers across the country.

Are there larger sizes of BlanQuils?

Yes! We launched the BlanQuil Royale Weighted Comforter in Queen and King size in October of 2019. The Royale is designed to function as your typical comforter/duvet and is sized to cover queen and king size mattresses. Both sizes are 36 lbs. and intelligently designed to focus the weighted portion on the surface area of the mattress. The perimeter is unweighted to prevent sliding off of the bed and to maintain proper aesthetic.

  • BlanQuil Royale Queen Size: 88" x 100" 
  • BlanQuil Royale King Size: 100" x 100"

Does the weight transfer or gather in one spot?

The BlanQuil Premium Weighted Blanket, BlanQuil Chill, BlanQuil Royale, BlanQuil Junior Kids Weighted Blanket, and BlanQuil Passport Travel Weighted Blanket are engineered in two parts comprised of a removable, machine washable duvet and an inner weighted blanket. Like any duvet and blanket system, the pieces move independently and shifting can happen. For this reason, we have designed the BlanQuil system to include strong ties that will help keep the duvet and blanket connected and allow you to readjust when needed.

To troubleshoot unusual bunching or shifting, simply unzip the outer cover and check that all ties are secured.

Can I use my weighted blanket with my pets or small children?

We recommend never placing a weighted blanket on anyone who is unable to adjust it if they are uncomfortable, may become trapped, or is unable to clearly communicate their wishes. Use cautious judgment at all times. 

Can I return an item that was part of a BOGO, multiple item discount or free gift?

Yes, the refund would be adjusted to reflect the full price of kept items and the promotional price of returned items. 

How strong is the scent of the BlanQuil Essence Aromatherapy Pillow?

The scent will be strongest upon first removing the pillow from its packaging and will reach its intended, subtle state after a few days. If the scent is too strong after removing the packing, simply keep the pillow out of its packaging for a few days. At that point, the scent will be subtle as it is intended on being.

Does the scent of the BlanQuil Essence Aromatherapy Pillow dissipate?

Yes, the scent of the pillow will dissipate from its initial, strong scent after a few days. Research and development along with product testing has shown that a subtle scent is preferred for the vast majority of users. If you prefer a stronger scent, simply dilute your favorite essential oil with water and gently mist on the pillow's foam. 

What is the return policy for Mattresses?

Mattresses carry the same 60-night sleep trial as our weighted blankets. Mattresses can be returned within that 60-day period. As there is always an adjustment period with mattresses, we strongly recommend trying the mattress for at least 14 days prior to requesting a return. This mattress is made to order in the USA using highest quality materials. Adjusting from an old, unsupportive mattress to a high-quality mattress with proper support can take 2-3 weeks. Rest assured, your back is getting the proper support it needs with our mattress. If your mattress was purchased using a discount/promo code or part of a promotional event, a flat fee of $200 will be deducted from your eligible refund amount for the return freight and disposal. If your mattress was purchased without a promo/discount code, we provide free returns.

Can I purchase CBD with other products?

Due to the reglatory nature of CBD - BlanQuil CBD must be bought separately from other BlanQuil items.  When your purchase of BlanQuil CBD products is complete, revisit your BlanQuil cart to finalize purchase of additional items.