BlanQuil Chill - Cooling Weighted Blanket W/ Removable Cover


  • BlanQuil Chill - Cooling Weighted Blanket W/ Removable Cover
  • BlanQuil Chill - Cooling Weighted Blanket W/ Removable Cover
  • BlanQuil Chill - Cooling Weighted Blanket W/ Removable Cover
  • BlanQuil Chill - Cooling Weighted Blanket W/ Removable Cover

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When Life Is Hard... We've Got You Covered! 


Introducing the BlanQuil Chill!

Perfect for Hot Sleepers. Cool to the touch fabric.

The BlanQuil Chill is available in 15 and 20lb options. Cooling Weighted Blanket

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The reviews are in! From well-known celebrities to hard-working nurses, from frazzled students to type-A executives, from amped-up kids to their exhausted parents, thousands have found a previously unknown peace using the original BlanQuil weighted blanket to relax and recharge.

Now, with the introduction of our BlanQuil Chill, we have combined the same celebrated feeling of security, anxiety reduction, calm, and coziness, while entering a new campaign in the quest for ultimate comfort. Unsurpassed temperature regulation. Hot sleepers rejoice!

How The Cover Works: The BlanQuil Chill uses cutting-edge fabric designed to usher away and disperse body heat creating a cooler, personally adjusted experience. The BlanQuil Chill's ultra-breathable fabric wicks away moisture and actively absorbs body heat making the BlanQuil Chill's cover noticeably cooler to the touch than traditional fabrics. You will enjoy the unmistakable active cooling of the BlanQuil Chill from the instant you enter your cocoon through the first 15-20 minutes of use, allowing you plenty of time to comfortably drift into sleep to emerge rejuvenated and ready to re-engage with the outside world at your well-rested best.

Perfect for warm weather or warm bodies yearning for the serenity of enveloping, restful bliss combined with the refreshing relaxation of an ocean breeze.  

Use: Made for those who sweat at night, anyone living in a warm climate or just want that chill sensation when relaxing at home. Our breathable quick-dry cover can be used on the bed for sleep or lounging on the couch.  

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  • Helps you Relax
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Creates the feeling of being hugged and cuddled 
  • 5 Reasons to Buy BlanQuil

    Part Weighted Blanket, Part Quilt, 100% Amazing
    BlanQuil uses the scientific concept of "compression therapy" - basically the idea that being hugged creates happy feelings. Happy feelings lower stress levels and allow the body and mind to relax. 
    Dogs and Kids Benefit from Compression Therapy - Why Can't You?
    Ever hear of those weighted vests for anxious pups? Or the ones for little tikes? Isn't it about time somebody made something that awesome for you?
    The Quilted Cover is Impossibly Soft
    Go ahead, rub BlanQuil against your cheeks. It feels like hugging a baby bunny!
    Matches any Color Scheme
    Easy to Wash
    The removable, quilted cover zips off and can be tossed right in the washing machine. It's dryer safe too - which is a big plus on laundry day!



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