When selecting the weight of a BlanQuil, personal preference and mobility issues should always be considered first.

A general guideline many use is 8-15% of your body weight. Following this guideline:

Body Weight Blanket Weight

80 lbs. +

12 lbs.

100 lbs. +

15 lbs.

180 lbs. +

20 lbs.

225 lbs. +

25 lbs.

BlanQuil Basic Weighted Blankets are 12 & 15 lbs. They are sized 48" x 72".

BlanQuil Passport Travel Weighted Blankets are 10 lbs. They are sized 36" x 60".

BlanQuil Lite Designer Blankets are 7 lbs. They are sized 50" x 70".

BlanQuil Junior Blankets are 7 lbs. They are sized 36" x 48".

BlanQuil Royale Weighted Comforters are 36 lbs. The Queen is sized 88" x 100" and the King is 100" x 100".

If you would like help selecting the perfect weight please reach out to our experts by phone or chat. They are happy to help you with all considerations for model and weight options!