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BlanQuil’s Newest Partnership Brings FREE Shipping To Canada

The BlanQuil Team is very excited to announce the launch of our products with Canada’s largest mattress and bedding retailer, Sleep Country Canada & Dormez-Vous! Since our launch, we have provided the ability for Canadian customers to purchase products through our website. As you know if you’ve ever tried shipping anything internationally, customs fees can be even more expensive than the actual item you’re trying to ship! 

We’ve long been searching for a way to reduce customs fees to allow our Canadian fans to reclaim their calm with BlanQuil favorites. With Sleep Country Canada & Dormez-Vous, we’ve solved this problem and we’re eager to share the news!


Since launching four stores in Vancouver, BC in 1994, Sleep Country Canada has grown to become Canada’s leading mattress and bedding retailer with over 260 total stores across Canada. Adding to their already enormous presence throughout Canada, they operate 60+ store locations in Quebec Province as Dormez-Vous. With more than 260 stores throughout Canada and a top-notch website, Sleep Country Canada is THE sleep specialist in Canada. Their impressive network of stores and massive e-commerce presence means our Canadian fans can finally get the sleep they deserve without the added stress and frustration of customs/duties fees.

Not only can our Canadian neighbors enjoy free shipping throughout the country, you can now check our products out at your nearby Sleep Country Canada or Dormez-Vous to see what all the hype is about!

Visit our store locator or visit to get the sleep you deserve with BlanQuil!