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BlanQuil is Buzzing About Coffee!

Introducing BlanQuil Buzz Sumatra Coffee!

Coffee. It's how millions of people around the world get energized to face the day. This is true of the BlanQuil Team as well! This is especially so with our CEO, Marcelo. With his busy schedule and never ending travel, his affinity for real, bold coffee has grown over time into a passion. While on a business trip recently, he found himself dreading the mass-produced, weak coffee often found at many national coffee powerhouses. 

This anecdote came up in a meeting and an idea was soon born...

While coffee seems like a massive departure from our core line of products, in many ways in's a natural fit. BlanQuil's initial goal was to help people improve their sleep and in turn, improve their lives with quality products and thoughtful design. We couldn't think of a better way to be prepared to face all the challenges life throws at us than getting deep, restorative sleep with a BlanQuil Weighted Blanket followed up with a bold, flavorful cup of energizing BlanQuil Buzz Sumatra Coffee. Not only will you be able to achieve that bold, full flavor taste you're used to from your favorite local coffee shop, you'll save money and time by skipping that stop in the morning. 

Small-batch, fresh, local

Understanding how different coffee is from weighted blankets, we wanted to be sure our same standard for quality was applied. We're confident we met that high standard. 

We started with what many consider to be the most prestigious coffee region in the world, Sumatra, which is located off the coast of Indonesia. Rather than opting to do a blend of coffee beans, we settled on Mandheling for its unique flavor profile featuring sweet spice, molasses, chocolate and earthiness. 

We carefully selected a small-batch roasting facility right in Houston, TX. Small-batch roasting ensures peak freshness when you receive your coffee. With quality and freshness always being top of mind, we made sure the we'd be able to roast and package our coffee in less than 24-hours! This guarantees that when your order is shipped out, it is within 24-hours of being fresh roasted and sealed. 

Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans

Roasted in small batches to ensure peak flavor and freshness

Sealed in its package immediately after roasting

We're super excited to share our newest creation with you and we're confident that you'll notice the small but critical details that make BlanQuil Buzz Sumatra Coffee great - single variety, high quality beans, small-batch roasting and immediate packaging!

A better cup awaits.