Weighted Blanket Guide

What Is A Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is a heavy blanket weighing between 10-20lbs that harnesses the power of Deep Touch Stimulation by gently distributing even pressure across your body. It creates an instant feeling of calm and relaxation while reducing stress and increasing serotonin. When used for sleeping, these blankets are also proven to reduce tossing and turning, allowing sustained periods in deeper, rejuvenating sleep cycles. Use of a weighted blanket mimics the familiar feeling of a good cuddle session, being hugged or held.


Who could benefit from a weighted blanket?

People use weighted blankets to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, or just relax. 

The concept behind heavy blankets -- deep pressure stimulation that feels like a firm hug, massage or swaddling -- has been researched and found to help adults and kids who have anxiety, autism, and attention difficulties, experts say.


How is a weighted blanket made?

Blankets are filled with objects such as pellets, discs or beads of polypropylene plastic or glass. This is what provides the weight to the blanket. Some blankets blend softer material like cotton, with the weights to maintain a more traditional duvet feel.

Some weighted blankets come in two pieces. The inner piece which contains the weight and an outer duvet cover.

They typically come in individual size approximately 48" x 74".


What weight is right for you?

When selecting the weight of a weighted blanket, personal preference and mobility issues should always be considered first. After that, a general guideline many use is 8-15% of your body weight. 

There is also a 7lb option for children. However, the use of heavy blankets on babies and small children is not recommended.


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