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Castaway Clothing

Castaway Nantucket Island is as exceptional as it is classic, as imaginative as it is familiar. They craft traditional coastal clothing that has passed the test of time - embroidered Bermuda shorts, seersucker shirts, corduroy pants, and more - with our love of the sea, sport, friends, and family in mind.

They are most passionate about a few indispensable elements of the American coastal ensemble. Sailcloth Canvas, Seersucker, Wide Wale Corduroy, Embroidered what-have-you, and Madras make up the foundation of our brand. They have sourced, refined, cut, and polished these fabrics and treatments with one eye off our stern and the other off our bow. They know the style's heritage is as rooted as its future.

At Castaway, they are preserving a truly American style, born at beach bonfires and aboard anything that floats. They are buoyed by tradition, quality, and the ideals of life by the sea.