Care & Upkeep


Tips and insights on keeping your BlanQuil just like new!


  • Using your BlanQuil

When moving or carrying your BlanQuil, we recommend either folding or rolling it like a sleeping bag before lifting it up. This ensures that it is not grabbed by JUST the duvet cover, which can cause the connection points between the blanket and the cover to tear.

If you're making your bed and just need to adjust it little on top of your bed, make sure you have hold of both the cover and the internal, weighted piece. This can help avoid issues with the connection points.


  • Shifting/Bunching Inside Your Blanket

Any BlanQuil Weighted Blanket with a removable cover is essentially a duvet cover with a heavy blanket inside the cover. Similar to other duvet systems, the internal blanket is connected to the cover.

Over time, the connection points between the cover and the internal part may become loose or detached. This can cause the internal piece to shift or bunch inside the cover. We included a graphic below to help show you how to quickly fix this.


Showing connection points



  • Washing/Cleaning 

    • For BlanQuil Weighted Blankets with removable covers

The removable cover is the portion that is machine washable. Simply unzip the cover, locate and disconnect the connection points and separate the cover and the weighted insert. The image below shows the cover and internal blanket detached.

The removable cover (which comes on the BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket, BlanQuil Chill, BlanQuil Junior and BlanQuil Passport) is machine washable. Machine wash on cold cycle and dry on a low heat setting. The weighted insert is spot clean only and not recommended to put in the washer. The weight and rapid movement can cause a tear. 

    • For BlanQuil Basic

We recommend spot cleaning the BlanQuil Basic as needed. It can be washed in a machine on a gentle cycle and air dried but we recommend machine washing only sparingly.