BlanQuil Collaborations

BlanQuil x Germs Be Gone Hand Sanitizer

Our Germs Be Gone Sanitizer is recommended for use in Home, Restaurants, Classrooms, and Office Buildings. Germs Be Gone is an effective and economical solution for all aspects of daily life.

BlanQuil x Infinity Massage Collection

BlanQuil is thrilled to launch our newest collaboration with Infinity, the leader in home massage chairs and accessories. You deserve to be spoiled after a long day...

BlanQuil x Four Seasons Cooling Hybrid Mattress

Created to help manage the micro-climate of your sleep sanctuary for a deeper sleep all night long. The Four Season Reversible Cover was designed specifically to help you stay warmer when it's cool and stay cooler when it's warm!

BlanQuil x PureCare® Premium Celliant Collection

BlanQuil has found a product that is the perfect fit for any sleep sanctuary. To help promote increased performance, restful sleep, and faster recovery time from physical activity, we curated a product including these clinically tested Celliant fibers.  

BlanQuil x Spring Air Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Combining top quality comfort with superior support, this 10" mattress perfectly strikes the balance of spinal support and pressure point relief.

BlanQuil x Yogibo Zero-Gravity Bean Bag Bundle

Yogibo designs and creates luxurious and family-friendly bean bags, bean bag chairs and other fun accessories. Yogibo has many imitators, but is the original and only patent holder for this type of furniture.