BlanQuil Junior - THE Weighted Blanket for Kids

Calm. Cozy. Comfortable

Getting kids to settle down for naps or bedtime can be a big challenge for parents. After the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers on our adult weighted blanket, we wanted to provide that same calming, relaxing experience for kids. The BlanQuil Junior Kids Weighted Blanket was designed to do just that: bring some tranquility when its needed most.

We're confident that this will quickly become your child's must-have blanket. The possibilities are endless! Winding down during story time, providing relaxation on long car rides, and delivering comfort for the most sour moods.

Not only will your kiddo love it, parents will love the removable duvet cover that is machine washable and dryer friendly. You won't have to worry about spills on the blanket - just remove the duvet cover, wash, dry and re-attach to the internal weighted piece - voila!

The Perfect Nap Companion

Take the restlessness out of nap time and story time! The BlanQuil Junior Kids Weighted Blanket can help reduce squirming and provide a feeling of calm and relaxation when it's needed most!

Makes Travel a Breeze

Whether you're embarking on a long road trip or flight, our weighted blanket for children can help get them feeling settled and relaxed. Helps reduce the nerves associated with stressful travel!

Better Sleep

Featuring a two-sided cover with plush dots on one side and super soft micro-fleece on the other, your little one is sure to feel cozy. Combining the comfort of the duvet cover with 7 pounds of evenly distributed weight will lull your child into peaceful sleep!

Don't just take our word for it. Here are REAL reviews from REAL customers!

Perfect for child

My granddaughter loves her new 7lb blanket. Her mother loves that the cover is removable and washable. I love that it is just what our active seven year old needs to help her calm for bed.

Christine S (Verified Buyer)

Very nice blanket

I love the feel and weight of this blanket. The material is so very soft!

Vickie N. (Verified Buyer)

Great Blanket!

I recently purchased the BlanQuil Junior Weighted Blanket and love it. The blanket arrived in a cute backpack and has the softest washable cover with ties that keep it in place, which is very well thought out. Best afternoon naps ever!

Sandra B (Verified Buyer)