Introducing BlanQuil Junior - The Newest Member Of BlanQuil's Family - BlanQuil

Introducing BlanQuil Junior - The Newest Member Of BlanQuil's Family

We get feedback and requests for products from our customers all the time, but we won’t release a new product until we are sure that we can put our name on it. This means thoughtful engineering, great attention to quality and prototype after prototype until it is worthy of the BlanQuil name. One of the most frequently requested items has been a BlanQuil especially for kids. We also receive countless notes from parents who have found success using BlanQuil Weighted Blankets with their own children and the parents on our team have as well. After carefully considering the feedback, we decided it was time to design and create a weighted blanket for the kids.

With that, we are proud to announce the newest member of the BlanQuil family – BlanQuil Junior! BlanQuil Junior is a weighted blanket specifically designed for the little ones in our lives. Measuring 36” x 48” and weighing 7 lbs – it is smaller than our original design but NOT short on features.


Powder Blue


Featuring a two-sided cover: plush dots on one side and super-soft fleece like finish on the other side


Soft Pink


Available in 7 lb weight and utilizes our popular duvet style cover with weighted insert.


Similar to our flagship model, the BlanQuil Junior comes with duvet cover that is removable and machine washable. Let’s face it, kids are messy! We knew the ability to throw the duvet cover in the washer and dryer was super important. We also wanted to make the cover as soft and soothing as possible, so we came up with dual-sided design. Kiddos are sure to find comfort with plush dots on one side and a smooth, super-soft finish on the other side. With the feel and finish of their favorite blankey and the soothing effect of Deep Touch Stimulation – this will quickly become a household favorite.

Just think about all the situations this would be PERFECT for… Long trips in the car or airplane, cuddled in during bedtime stories, providing calm during timeouts or even lounging during movie time. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait very long for the BlanQuil Junior to be in your home! Shipping in late October but available NOW at a special pre-order price.